Drinking Vinegar - Shrubs

Shrubs, or drinking vinegars are a combination of sweet and savoury flavours. Vinegars, fruits, spices, sugar and aromatics are skillfully balanced to create a tasty concoction. This delicious syrup makes it easy to enjoy the health benefits of vinegar.
  • Cashmere Cherry Shrub
    Tree ripened cherries combined with our Chardonnay Vinegar - a must try!
    NZ$ 14.50
    currently out of stock
  • Spiced Apple Shrub
    New Zealand apples combined with our cider vinegar and a hint of spices, a winning combination!
    NZ$ 14.50
  • Strawberry Shrub
    Sun ripened, Clevdon Strawberries combined with our unique Strawberry Vinegar - a taste of summer
    NZ$ 14.50