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Our Vinegars


All vinegars in our range are hand crafted and traditional methods are followed. The vinegars undergo two fermentation processes, it is the second fermentation which creates the outstanding end product. Before bottling all our vinegars are aged for twelve months, this ageing process ensures a smooth rich tasting vinegar. All vinegars in our range have a minimum acidity of 4.5%.


All our vinegars are a natural product, no preservatives, artificial colours or flavours or other additives are added. The vinegars go through a simple filtration process.

The twelve month aging process our vinegars undergo also clarifies the vinegar through a gravity sediment method. The bottles are manually filled and the finishing touches are hand applied. Sediments in the bottles can occur.

Those sediments are natural (mother of vinegar) and do not affect the quality of the vinegar. According to the American institute of vinegar, vinegar has an almost indefinite shelf life. Store vinegar in a dark cool place like the pantry. Opened bottles do not need to be refrigerated. We recommend to use the vinegar within 15 months of opening.

All vinegars in our range are proudly New Zealand made