Kawakawa Mustard 195g

Kawakawa Mustard 195g
Yellow and black mustard seeds combined with the leaves of the kawakawa tree.
This spicy mustard is made from all natural ingredients and contains no thickeners.
Proudly handmade in New Zealand.
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Our Kawakawa mustard is a coarse mustard made from yellow and black mustard seeds. Combined with carefully selected spices, manuka honey and Kawakawa leaves and finished with the addition of our unique Kawakawa vinegar. This delicious, unique New Zealand mustard is made using the best, natural ingredients.

This spicy mustard is fantastic with just about all cold cuts. It goes very nice with pork and chicken. Using the Kawakawa mustard when you make your own mayonnaise gives a unique but tasty outcome. This mustard is fantastic on steaks and grilled lamb. Very nice with grilled sausages and bbq meats.

Our Kawakawa mustard is also available in 45gm jars.