Summer Berry Mustard 195g

Summer Berry Mustard 195g
Black mustard seeds give this fruity mustard a nice kick.
Made from carefully selected New Zealand grown berries.
No artificial colours , flavours or preservatives.
Proudly hand crafted in New Zealand
NZ$ 8.50

Our summer berry mustard is a coarse mustard. The hero in this mustard are the berries which also give the mustard a beautiful, unique colour. The sweetness of the berries combined with the spiciness of the black mustard seeds and the piquant flavour of the yellow seeds make a unique but delicious mustard . New Zealand honey and our Raspberry vinegar adds that little bit extra fruitiness to this mustard.

This fruity mustard goes well with cold cuts and cheeses. combined with a fruity vinegar and a good quality olive oil it makes a very nice vinaigrette for leaf salads and micro greens. The summer berry mustard is nice with steaks and grilled meats like lamb and venison. Combined with soy sauce and oil makes a nice glaze for roasts.

Our summer berry mustard is also available in 45gm jars and it is also part of our mustard gift set.