Artisan Vinegar - the secret ingredient

We are located in Christchurch. We spoil New Zealand with our extensive range of Vinegars and hand made gourmet foods. We have a spot at the Riverside Collective in the Riverside Market. Come and visit us on a Sunday, Shirley will treat you to a taste of our products. A selection of products is available in selected stores across the country.

Latest Creations

Quince Paste

Lovingly handcrafted, free of additives and preservatives.


Hot Sauce - The Dynamic Duo

Two fermented chilli sauces.

Both sauces are guaranteed to tickle your taste buds - ¡Ay, caramba!

Only $18.50 

Gin & Tonic Marmalade

An impeccable lemon marmalade from our Cocktail range.NZ lemons with tonic water and a splash of gin. Breakfast wont be the same again !