Tomato Vinegar

Tomato Vinegar

Like all vinegars in our range the Tomato vinegar is a hand grafted, double fermented vinegar. Only the best New Zealand grown tomatoes are used for the juice which undergoes the first fermentation into a unique wine. The second fermentation nurtures the wine into an outstanding vinegar and is carefully controlled on our premises. Before bottling, the vinegar is aged for 12 months which transforms it into a smooth and very tasty vinegar. The flavour characteristics of the tomatoes are well preserved in this vinegar. The aroma reminds of sun dried tomatoes.

The full fruity tomato taste makes it an appealing alternative when making marinades for beef or poultry. It gives a little sparkle to tomato sauce and is a very nice addition in pizza sauce. Perfect for salad dressings, especially tomato salad, perfect to drizzle over a tomato-basil-mozzarella Caprese salad. A must ingredient when making your own ketchup or BBQ sauce, or to give a zip to a bloody Mary. Perfectly paired with grape seed oil or pumpkin seed oil.

Available in 250ml and as part of the wooden gift box

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